"The GTDĀ® methodology encourages to collect all inboxes into a trusted system in order to free your mind, process and organize everything and then review and do actions."

ThinkingRock has been designed to match the methodology flow:

No need to follow procedures to adapt ThinkingRock to the methodology!

ThinkingRock can become your trusted system:

GTDĀ® Flow vs. ThinkingRock flow

Methodology - Collect, Process and Organize
ThinkingRock - Collect and Process

Collect stuff, empty inboxes
Collect thought

  • Is it actionable? Yes - Type of actions: do it, delegate it/waiting for, defer it, calendar
  • No - Delete, possible later actions, reference

Process thoughts:

  • first screen process into actionable: actions, projects, sub-projects
  • second screen process them into non-actionable: reference items, someday/maybe items or goals

Organize: If a stuff item requires more than one action, create a project
Process thoughts: create a new project or add action to an existing project

Methodology - Review and Do
ThinkingRock Review

Daily Review
Review actions with user defined tabs and filtering. Mark actions to done, re-schedule, update notes with timestamp, links
Weekly Review
Review projects: planning, auto-sequencing, reports

Methodology - Other concepts

6 Level Model: Life, 3-5 year vision, 1-2 year goals, areas of responsiibility, current projects, current actions
User defined goal levels, topics to cover area of responsibility, active projects, active actions
Tickle functionality
Someday/Maybe item with a tickle date when to re-appear on top of the unprocessed thoughts inbox
Context with filtering and report
Priority, time, energy
Priority, time, energy criteria with filtering

See these flow diagrams

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