Just login and download the latest version of the software corresponding to the new computer operating system. Install the software.

Data file

Copy your data file to the new computer.


  • Review Action screen set-up (tabs, columns, filtering, row order) is stored in a file called ReviewActions.xml. The file is located in the same folder as your data file. Move it to the new computer and stored it in the same folder as your data file
  • Other screens set-ups: these are stored locally so you will need to go through the Miscellaneous tabs to reset everything. Please select a different folder for your backups and recovery files than the one you use for your data file. See the following presentation for more information about these set-ups

Open the data file

Call ThinkingRock, use menu option File/Open and navigate through the folder structure to select your data file. From now on, ThinkingRock will always open that file at start-up.

About ThinkingRock

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Read more about the ThinkingRock team in this interview on the Netbeans website

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