ThinkingRock in 3 steps

Enter a goal and link to project

ThinkingRock allows users to define their goal levels (short term, 5 years, life). Users can then enter goals and motivate themselves by specifying the rewards, brainstorming, support, start date, end date, obstacles, etc. Users can link goals to projects.

Review and Do

Once actions and projects have been entered into ThinkingRock, at the beginning of their day, users need to decide which actions to do next. Following GTD®, users needs to take into account the context they are in and any due dates. To help you decide what to do next, ThinkingRock has different views of your data:

01 Actions list by Context, by date or your own filtering

02 Delegated actions list

03 Calendar views: daily, weekly and monthly

04 Weekly review: review projects list

Update multiple actions

With ThinkingRock, speed your action processing by selecting multiple actions from the Review Actions screen and press one button.

The functions available are (from left to right): Reprocess, Postpone, Change Context, Change Topic, Change Criteria, Change Action, Change Project, Mark to Done, Delete.

Please note that you can use these transactions in the project tree too, selecting multiple actions the same way. 

Use project template

ThinkingRock allows you to re-use project templates done by other users: either within your team or download templates provided on our website (under Download/Project Templates). Here are the instructions on how to use a template once it has been downloaded. You can either import it as a template or import it as a project.

Enter new project

To enter a new project, you can either follow the flow: Collect, Process then Plan or go directly to the Review Projects screen.

About ThinkingRock

ThinkingRock is developed by Avente Pty Ltd, an Australian registered company.

ThinkingRock is not affiliated with or endorsed by the David Allen Company.

Getting Things Done® and GTD® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company.

Read more about the ThinkingRock team in this interview on the Netbeans website

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