These comments are extracts from emails we received as feedback from users. Some of them date back to Aug 2006!

Quality is difficult to describe, but you recognize it immediately when you see it. Congratulations.
I have tried them all for GTD, then I started to make my own .I found your product and I love it.
Finally, I find an application for GTD that seems to have all the features I want.

Excellent.. This is the closest to the GTD concept.
I really like the simplicity and how it maps so well to the GTD mindset, without overcomplicating things.
Tree arrangement, colour coding, ability to sort in various ways, simplicity and obviousness of use

With the advent of Goals, it's taken on a whole new dimension as it now allows projects to be viewed contextually in a very immediate and accessible way.
A great piece of software - very well thought out and captures the spirit of GTD. After the O/S, it'll be the first piece of software I load on any computer in future.
I'm mega-impressed by your program. I've looked at quite a few to-do/GTD packages and Thinking Rock is by far the most customisable, flexible and efficient.

I have started down the GTD road and done tons of research to see what will make this all work for me. After reading many, many reviews of many, many applications, it looks like your software is the hands-down winner.
This Idea (software) is marvelous. I think Thinkingrock2 overcame David Allen's Outlook plug-in at the point of data portability and localizability. I have used this for only 2 days but for the sake of Thinkingrock, I have got a calm mind. Thank you again. I am certain that Thinkingrock will be the world standard GTD software. from Tokyo Japan
Hello, I have discovered Thinking Rock in the Internet yesterday. I'ld like to thank you for your work. I'm looking around since a long time and have tried several software tools to catch ideas and thoughts and to bring them into action. Thinking Rock fits very well how I think and work personally. It's a fascinating piece of software. Kind regards from Switzerland

Hi, great Application:) I've tested more than 15 tools to organize myself and ThinkingRock is the winner. Well done;)
As someone who only commenced use of Thinking Rock in recent days, I wanted to say Congrats to the Thinking Rock team. The app is certainly functionally slick.
I have discarded all the task management tools I have come across, before I even tried them out. The impression I got by looking at TR is it's simple and really enforces a GTD process. Exactly what I was looking for.

Hi, Thanks again for offering a truly groundbreaking tool. I like the strict GTD approach, I like not having a lot of choices how to do things.
I think the product is a very good interpretation of David Allen's work. It achieves the goal of making forethought the key to success and is clear in its layout.
Thinking Rock is the first software program that has actually helped me start to implement GTD practices! THANK you. Looking forward to using it for a long time. Mac user.

All I can say is THANK YOU for ThinkingRock!! I just started to train myself by using the "Getting Things done" book. Although I have plenty of tools and methods to organize and move myself, this method seems to be the "ultimate answer to my prayers". And your tool is a killer application so far. Keep up the good work! You have a new true fan.
I just started using this morning and I already feel a little more organized and methodical about how I am getting ALL this work done. I have not read the GTD book or had any training, but your software application seems like a perfect way to learn about GTD by actually doing it. I think I get it (I had done some reading on the GTD site).

Just started using ThinkingRock, and all I can say is... wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. and again... wow!

Fantastic product, you guys are legends. In only a couple of hours use, it's already transforming several of my projects. Thanks again. (wow.)

I particularly like the "Collecting Thoughts" list, as it allows you to just get the action/idea into the system without having to think about where it goes right then and there. I also like the processing screen. That's pretty cool.
Hi, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your software. Great job for GTD. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks so much for creating this and making it available.
I think TR may just be the best implementation of task management/GTD that I have found! I particularly love the ability to nest subprojects within projects and the ability to view next actions together.

TR First Impression: Thinking Rock really stands out one of the most logical and easy to follow implementations of GTD I've seen. I look forward to working with it.
I recently downloaded your nice piece of software which then took me to David Allen's approach. I love both of them!
Dear ThinkingRock, Thank you for a most complete implementation of GTD. Using your implementation of GTD has greatly increased my understanding of GTD and improved my use of this wonderful system.

Thanks for your work in developing Thinking Rock. I've been using it for a few months now, and I have to say, it's about the best program I've found out there. I'm not even a huge fan of GTD, but this program has made my life a little bit easier, and for that, I owe you. Hopefully, there are good things in store in the future from TR.
TR is now my app!!! The two things that were most responsible for my conversion to TR were (1) your excellent interpretation of the GTD philosophy in a very clear and seamless and (2) your apps for both Mac and Windows that finally allow me to work the GTD process on both my home Mac and my work PC. I have been using GTD for just shy of two years now, and TR is my third setup. For the first time, I feel that my setup meets most of my needs and is capable of meeting all of them.
This is the finest example of a gtd friendly tool I have been able to find. It is beautiful and supremely functional. I have no criticisms. incorporates a friendly GTD tool, and it has a certain accessibility for use. But your tool seems more elegant, if the font size is a bit small for my tired old eyes sometimes. It seems to systematize my workflow more than any other tool. This leads to increased productivity. Plus, it is fun to fill out. I will continue to use this tool and enjoy knowing how it has ordered my work life. It makes me work smart!

It's JUST what I want it to be. It's how I think other tools should be. I've used wikis, lists, and outliners Guys this is FANTASTIC. Really.
Thinking Rock is a software application for collecting and processing your thoughts, following the GTD methodology. Very seriously the greatest thing since sliced bread. If they didn't make this, I'd've had to invent it myself
Bonzer. Just bonzer. (Australian slang, bonzer means 'great, an expression of delight') or ThinkingRock is the best thing coming out of Australia since Elle Macpherson.

Process is key. I have been checking out and testing 10 diff. apps for this type of GTD Capture task management, this is the best I've found... and very happy thus far. Will track and make a list of 'someday maybe' requests for enhancements (if needed, none on my list yet).
Great piece of software, guys. Your Collect>Process flow is unique. And I've found the requirement to process in FIFO order highly irritating, yet highly valuable. Just in case you get a request to make that process more flexible: don't! I think I and a lot of people think flexibility is good, but too much overwhelms us. If I could pick and choose to Process this thought or another, I'd deal with the easy stuff and the tough ones would sit forever. Very sly and effective the way it's set up now.
I've tried <list of applications>... yours is the first application that actually makes room for the thought collection>action/project process and workflow (and sane action deferments) and for that reason alone it outshines everything else I've seen out there. I also love the way it forces you to follow a FIFO method of dealing with things in the collection queue. You've really internalized the thought processes involved in GTD and they're well reflected in your software.

I find that I am a MUCH better GTD'er with your product. I don't want too much technology and interfaces and such. I have had my full of Palms etc. The Collection process in TR is great. I am getting much more comfortable with just dumping things in there as they come up. And if I want, I can move to Processing when I want to and not be forced. At times in the past, I over did the details of GTD which had gotten me down in the weeds of the swamp too quickly or too much. TR has helped keep me at the right level of GRDing (if that is a word). I wish you and your team much success.
So far I like it a lot. It's great that you can collect thoughts without necessarily commiting to making them into a todo list. I like the idea of color coding the Topics and being a GTD practicioner I love the fact that there's explicit "Context" fields so I don't have to do @Work all the time :)

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