At any point, you can archive done actions and projects. This will reduce the size of your data file.

The archive process first saves a backup copy of your data file and then removes from the data file, all single actions and projects completed on or before a specified archive date. An archive file is created containing the archived single actions and projects.

Check box Archive Done projects only:

If checked, the whole top level project needs to have been completed by the archive date for actions to be archived.

If unchecked, the archiving is done on current projects or on projects completed before the archived date as long as the actions have been set to done before or on the archive date. The project hierarchy is kept so you might have a project appearing in both the current and archived data files.


  • Projects and actions under the Future Projects and Template Projects Tab are never archived;
  • Contexts, Topics and Criteria values are saved in the archived file;
  • You can review archived data by opening the data file using ThinkingRock.

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