With the tickle functionality, the application automatically reminds you of an action/project/someday maybe item. To use the functionality, you can set the following:

  • For a Someday/Maybe item to re-appear as an unprocessed thought on a given date: enter the date as Tickle Date when you first processed the thought into a Someday/Maybe item or when you update the Someday/Maybe item;
  • For an Inactive action to appear on your list of Do ASAP on a given date: set-up the Start Date on the action;
  • For a Future Project to become a current project on a given date, which means its actions will appear on your Review Action screen lists: set-up the Start Date on the project. 

An activation process runs 1 minute after every startup, or when a data file is opened. It performs the following:

  • Converts Someday/Maybe Items into thoughts to be reprocessed when the tickle date is today or has passed;
  • Change inactive actions to Do ASAP actions when the start date is today or has passed;
  • Moves projects from the future projects list to the main projects list when the start date is today or has passed.

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