The Review Actions screen is where you review your actions list and decide what to do next, and then complete and mark actions as Done (one of the final purpose of GTD). ThinkingRock allows you to tailor these lists to your needs. You can add more views (tabs) and set-up the following for each of them: their name, the columns displayed, the columns order, the filtering of actions and the actions order.
You will use the buttons on the top left corner under the tabs line. 

Settings saved

Please note that the screen settings are kept when you exit the application, including the position of the panels separation bars (only for the position: one setting for all tabs). All settings for this screen, except the bars position, will be saved in a separate file called ReviewAction.xml and can be shared between different PCs. The file will be saved under the same folder as the data file. We recommend that you do a backup of that file in a different directory.

You can download a ReviewActions.xml set-up file under Downlaod/Sample  files as a starting point for your own set-up. You need to save the file in the same folder as your data file otherwise ThinkingRock uses the initial default views.

Set-up Views/Tabs

You can maintain the tabs under the Action Screens preferences (Mac Preferences/Actions Screens; Windows and Linux Tools/Options/Actions Screens):

  • new Tabs can be created with user defined name. e.g. you could create a Today tab to show only actions with the action date set to the current date, a Calls tab for all actions to be done using a Phone context, a Personal tab for all actions to be done belonging to personal topics;
  • existing tabs can be renamed;
  • existing tabs can be removed;
  • tabs order can be modified.

Columns column-icon

For each Tab, you can decide which fields to display or not as a column in the table part. On the Review Actions screens, for a Tab, click the Edit Columns button (second from the left) and check or uncheck the box in the Table Columns window to select the columns.


You can also change:

  • the column order by selecting a column and dragging it to its desired position;
  • the column width by selecting the column separator in the header row and drag it to enlarge or not the column width.

Filters filter-icon

For each Tab, you can change the filtering. Click the Edit Filters button (third from the left). The Selection Filters window opens where you can set-up the following:
  • Use check box: set which filter to use or not;
  • Show check box: set if the filter should be displayed or not;
  • Values combo: set the initial value for the filter. If the filter is shown on the tab, the user can change this initial value.
  • Exclude if Null check box: if set, the actions with a null value in that field will not be listed. This setting is only available for the criteria and the dates fields. Please note that if you choose the value 'All' for the criteria fields or don't select a date for the date fields, the actions with a null value will be included even if the box is checked.



  • When there is more than one filter, data relevant for all filters is displayed (corresponding to logical AND operation).
  • The Search filter allows you to enter a text. Once you press the Enter key, all actions which have the text in their notes, description or Delegated To fields are listed.
  • For the Status, Topic, Context or Criteria combos, All, Multiple values or a specific value can be selected.
  • Using the Done filter, you can either show all actions or only the ones which have to be done or only the ones which have been completed.
  • The dates filters let you choose how far in the future or the past you want to review.

Show Filters line show-filter

For each Tab, you can show the filters line or not. Click the Show/Hide Filters button (fourth from the left) to toggle ON/OFF the display. By default, the setting is to show the line.

Column sorting

You can sort the actions by clicking once on the header of the column you wish to sort by. To order on more than one column, click once on the other column(s). To select a new first column for the ordering, double-click on that column. Each mouse click on an already selected column changes the sort order and cycles through ascending/descending alphabetical sort order.

The date columns are ordered as follows: first actions with dates in the past, followed by actions with date = today, followed by actions without dates, then actions with dates in the future.

The values in the criteria columns are ordered as per the order you have set them up in the Criteria screen.

About ThinkingRock

ThinkingRock is developed by Avente Pty Ltd, an Australian registered company.

ThinkingRock is not affiliated with or endorsed by the David Allen Company.

Getting Things Done® and GTD® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company.

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