Enter your goals within Thinkingrock using the following screens:

  • Set-up your goals levels - long term, short term, life goals
  • Goals:
    • Define your goals: enter the vision, accountability and rewards to keep motivated. Forecast the obstacles and count on support. Plan through brainstorming.
    • Achieve your goals by linking them to projects.
    • Goals can be entered in a hierarchy structure.

Other functionality relevant to goals:

  • Process thoughts screen: to allow you to process an initial thought to a goal or to reprocess an existing action into a goal;
  • Global Find: search within the Goals description and notes;
  • Review Projects: folder under the Project tree for each project and sub-project where you can link the project to existing goals.You can edit the goal from that screen.
  • Some users associate Topics to Area of responsibility.

Please see the help of the Review Projects,  Review Goals and Set-up Goal levels screens for more details.

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ThinkingRock is not affiliated with or endorsed by the David Allen Company.

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