This functionality can be used to forward emails requiring an action or project within ThinkingRock. Or you might want to store a reference, someday/maybe idea or goal.

The emails will be imported into ThinkingRock as thoughts you can process. You can specify how often they should be imported and in which folder to save email attachments. A link to the attachments is saved under the notes of the thought created.

You need to first set-up from which email account TR needs to retrieve the emails from. We recommend that you set-up a dedicated email address for that purpose. The functionality only works if you are not behind a proxy server, for POP3 email account and a user has reported a problem when '.' character is used in the email address. 

Go under Preferences (Mac) or Tools (Windows or Linux) / Options / Miscellaneous, Email Tab.

The fields to be set-up are similar to the ones used to set-up a new email account on your email application.


These values are used by the Retrieve Email function which imports all emails from that account into TR. Each email becomes a thought, with the description set to the subject of the email and the notes set to the body of the email. The emails are deleted from the mail server. 

We suggest that you create a dedicated email account just for ThinkingRock. You can then forward to that email address the emails you want to be imported into ThinkingRock.

The Retrieve Email option is under the File Menu.




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